A Breakthrough Water Restructuring Unit

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Night Hawk Minerals has developed the means to restructure and energize water. This is not magic, this is science.


Home Water Restructuring Unit

The Emanator was designed to be installed on a residential application and also to be used commercially. The Emanator can be installed easily on most systems and we can offer advice with this. With the adapter fittings installed, the length of the unit is 14 inches with a diameter of 4 inches. The unit weighs approximately 14 pounds. We spent a lot of time on the design of these units to make sure the quality and durability were there, along with making them affordable. These units should never wear out! It just makes much more sense to do the RIGHT thing. We always look forward to feedback.

Dimensions | Length = 14 [inches] Diameter = 4 [inches] | Weight = 14 [pounds]
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Order a Emanator for your home

If you would like to order the Emanator for your home please contact us. You can also call 888-563-8389 ext 1 for Jay.