A Breakthrough Water Restructuring Unit

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Night Hawk Minerals has developed the means to restructure and energize water. This is not magic, this is science.

Cloud Buster

The Cloud Buster was developed after we could see and validate the growth using restructured waters with agriculture. The Cloud Buster is adaptable from 12 inch to 6 inch pipelines. If other applications are needed, please contact us.

The Cloud Buster is approximately 16 inches long and 12 inches in diameter. It weighs about 185 pounds. We wanted to make these affordable to the farmer and allow him to see the results. Call for information on pricing. We also like to stay in touch with our farmers and collect data that helps others. If you are interested please contact us to answer your questions.

Call for pricing.

Dimensions | Length = 16 [inches] Diameter = 12 [inches] | Weight = 185 [pounds]